Transform your Physical Therapy practice

Bridging the gap between you and your patients! Bring your expertise and track patient recovery wherever they are, whether at home, the office, or on vacation.

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Why do people trust us

Better track your Patient recovery and transform their experience

Have in depth knowledge how your patients are recovering months after they left your practice. Create a better recovery path for your patients without the need to see them everyday.


Powerful tools at your fingertips

Improve your Patient recovery and experience by personalizing their recovery while they are at home

Real Time Recovery tracking

Always know how your patient recovery is progressing wherever they are.

Save Time

Save time by having up to date information of your patients on a click of a button.


Be there for your patients in one click

Patients are having a hard time accessing physiotherapist treatments. Tendon app is bridging that gap and scaling Therapists availability

67% injury come back

The most common reason why injuries are coming back is because the treatment has stoped to early

73% replace their Physiotherapist

4 out of 5 Patients replace their Physiotherapist because of the renewed injury.

"Using Tendon app has been a game-changer for us. It has provided us with an easy way to transform our service and always be available to our patients. Our patients just love Tendon App"
Milan Vicic
General Director, Fizio Vracar
"Helping me and my loved ones to have a life without pain - Patient"
"Tendon is helping me stay focused on actually taking care of my patients and not wasting my time on administrative work"
"Now I communicate with all my colleagues and patients through the Tendon App and I'm not disturbed with hundreds of notifications each day "
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Change the way you approach Physical Therapy

Always know how all your patients are recovering wherever they are!

Improved Awareness

Have an instant feedback loop with all your patients. Improve their therapy based on real feedback and


Progress tracking

Optimize patient recovery process with real time information. Run di


Better Manage your time and patients

There is no need for every patient to come to your practice in order to receive a better treatment. Watch how your patients recover over time

Motivate your Patients

Always be in touch with your patients wherever they are

Physical Therapy tools

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Personalized assessment

Asses each patient with Tendon app personalized text and video feedback system

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