We're here to help your Physical Therapy grow!

Finally, an App that truly understands the needs of a successful Physical Therapist. Tendon was built with a single thought in mind, how to better track patient recovery without the need for them to be in your practice everyday.

physio therapy
Using it to fill the space


Completely Automate Feedback Collection from your Patients


Automation of creating Personalized Kinesitherapy protocols


decrease in manual and administrative work


Increase in Customer Satisfaction


How it started

Tendon was created when one Physical Therapist got injured too many times and thought that there must be an easier way to through the whole recovery process

Better Relationship

Have better relationship with your patients

Breaking the stigma

You can finally see how your patients are progressing while they are at home

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Using it to fill the space
Using it to fill the space
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Why are we doing this

Because we believe that everyone should have access to quality Physical Therapy. Distance and lack of time shouldn't be obstacles in Patient recovery process